Financial Review: Profiling Orijen’s Program Moderator

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Elizabeth Crouch is the moderator of Orijen’s Executive Women’s Business Future Female Leaders Program. As an experienced female executive in many sectors, she is a role model for many Australian executive women. She has recently been profiled in the Financial Review after her recent nomination to the board of Brickworks. Key to the article was an exploration of her mantra for a successful professional career: “Being [...]

Welcome to 2014

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Hello 2014! Is taking charge of your career on your list of New Years Resolutions? Take this opportunity for a fresh start to look at your career through a new lens and evaluate how you can progress your career goals. Invest in a copy of Orijen's 52 Ways To Break Through The Glass Ceiling guide and start your journey towards career progression. Get your copy [...]

Zoe Smith Is Taking Charge of Her Career

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Zoe Smith is a great example of a female working in the IT sector who is taking charge of her career, putting her hand up, and actively moving into an executive position. She has been working in the public service in IT for nearly 25 years, taking every opportunity to complete further qualifications in her field (Microsoft/Novell) with the support of her employer. She has also [...]

Orijen CEO featured in Daily Telegraph

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A recent report by Westpac found that women have to work 25 years longer to retire with the same superannuation nest egg as men. The Women and Retirement Readiness Report found that the average 60-year-old Australian female has saved $121, 200 less than her male counterpart and must work until 85 before stopping work. As part of encouraging women to take control of their own careers, [...]

Becoming a more effective, confident and authentic leader

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As an experienced People, Culture and Development professional, Lorraine Salloum has a proven record in planning and leading comprehensive people and performance strategies to support organisational goals. She has demonstrated success driving organisational performance through culture change programs. Lorraine is passionate about organisational development and producing pragmatic solutions that make a difference. She took part in Orijen's Executive Women's Business Future Leaders Program in 2012-13, and [...]

The perfect Xmas stocking gift

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A perfect Xmas bonus! 200 women in financial services will receive a copy of 52 Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling. What better ways could there be for companies to support women than this pocket book of tips, tools and strategies? Providing support resources like 52 Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling can really help female staff to start thinking strategically about ways that [...]

In His Own Words: The Male Perspective on Gender Diversity

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Orijen works closely with top Australian female executives in promoting female leadership but the fact still remains that men are leading some of Australia’s most prominent organisations in both the public and private sectors. Women still hold less than 10% of executive positions in ASX 200 companies and only 6% of line positions. Nine influential male leaders of society and economics have been interviewed for the [...]

Not yet 50/50: Barriers to the Progress of Senior Women in the Australian Public Service

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A report into the role of women in the workplace has been released. Not yet 50/50: Barriers to the Progress of Senior Women in the Australian Public Service was published by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s Institute for Governance at the University of Canberra. We know anecdotally that talented executive women typically find it very difficult to break into the senior leadership ranks [...]

EWB Alumni Networking Function

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Past participants from three different Executive Women’s Business (EWB) programs came together this week in an alumni networking function hosted by Westpac. Guest speakers Arun Abey (co-founder of ipac securities and author of “How Much is Enough”) and Bernie Bolger (psychotherapist and mediator) spoke to the EWB alumni about their own career journeys, and the decisions and principles that have guided the choices they made in [...]

France rewarding dedication to promoting gender equality

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With Australian statistics showing that many of our top company boardrooms and management have few female representatives, it’s interesting to see how other countries are working towards addressing similar problems. France has implemented a system whereby companies with a good record of moving women into executive positions were awarded by the Ministry of Women’s Rights, where companies that fail to address the issues of gender equality [...]