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Elevate Your Leadership Potential with the 2024 Collaborative Mentoring Circles Program

Following the resounding success of our inaugural program, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our highly acclaimed Collaborative Mentoring Circles for 2024. This unique opportunity empowers high-potential women to unlock their leadership potential, build networks, and maximise career opportunities.

Who Should Attend?

Whether you’re a seasoned senior leader thinking about your next steps or an emerging leader eager to jumpstart your career, our program will fast-track your development through collaborative learning, impactful discussions and self-guided assignments.

Program Benefits

By joining our Collaborative Mentoring Circles, you’ll gain access to:

Intensive Learning and Behavioural Experience: Under the expert guidance of our coaches, you’ll gain deep insights into your thought processes, behaviour patterns, and workplace interactions.

360-degree Discovery Process (LSI): Leverage confidential feedback to view yourself through the eyes of others, identify performance gaps, and create action plans for improvement.

Challenge and Growth: Benefit from the wisdom and feedback of your circle peers, pushing you out of your comfort zone to achieve new levels of excellence.

Well-being: Learn strategies to effectively manage the increasing mental load of leadership while nurturing your well-being and that of your colleagues.

Presentation Mastery: Acquire the skills to craft compelling presentations that leave a lasting impact bolstered by individualised feedback.

Peer Mentorship Network: Build a powerful network of like-minded peers to support and inspire your leadership journey.

You will meet with up to nine like-minded women from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds in a circle tailored to your needs. Your guide will be a professional coach and expert in women’s leadership, who will create a safe space for you to find your authentic leadership style, share challenges, give and get advice and feedback. You will emerge with new-found energy, skills and confidence to thrive both within and outside the workplace.

As you move through the program, you will be exposed to a range of leaders, theories and practices to apply in your workplace. This confidential and collaborative process will enable you to:

What you can expect

Your circle will prepare you for leading in the new, complex, and ambiguous workplace over eight half-day sessions, using a combination of group collaboration and individual instruction.

Apply now as places are limited.

You will benefit from:
  • An intensive learning and behavioural experience. With the guidance and support of two expert coaches, Heather Forton and Jenny Morris, you will get insights into how you think, behave and interact with others in your workplace.
  • Learning how to master and implement a democratic leadership style.
  • A powerful 360-degree discovery process (LSI). Confidential feedback will enable you to see yourself through the lens of others (your boss, colleagues and/or direct reports), identify gaps in your performance and develop action plans.
  • Ideas and feedback from your circle that challenge your thinking and push you out of your comfort zone as you share problems and solutions.
  • Strategies to help you manage an ever-increasing mental load while learning how to nurture your own and your colleagues’ well-being.
  • Skills to create strong, impactful presentations and individual critiques and feedback to enhance your effectiveness.

PLUS, one individual coaching session (ongoing coaching can be organised at an additional cost).

Start date: 23rd May, followed by 7 x monthly sessions from 9 am to 12 midday.

Venue: Canberra Museum and Gallery, 176 London Cct, Canberra

Don’t let 2023-2024 budgetary constraints prevent you from pursuing this unique leadership development opportunity.

You have the flexibility to choose the payment option that suits you best.

1. Early-bird rate $8,250 if you pay before April 7, 2024




2. Pay $9,075, which can be paid:
  • Option 1: In full, after 7 April 2024
  • Option 2: 20% deposit on registration. Final payment before 31 July 2024.
  • Option 3: Provide a signed commitment and delay payment until 31st July 2024. 


Bring a colleague, and you will receive an additional 10% fee reduction.
Note: *All payments are inclusive of GST


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    I highly recommend the CMC program. Not only did I meet some amazing women who will continue to be a part of my network, but I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my leadership style, leadership styles of others and the way in which I want to operate in my career. Life can be a wild ride, the mentoring program has helped me to retain a level head and given me the courage to speak up in some challenging situations, both personally and at work. I look forward to continuing to learn and grow with the knowledge and skills I took away from the program.

    – Amanda Baussmann, Account Executive, Federal, Dell Technologies

    “The coaching circle remains one of the most valuable courses I have ever done in my career” 

    – Assistant Director APS (WITEM)

    “I have been a manager and leader for many years but attended the Collaborative Mentoring Circles program to continue my growth and personal development and refresh known strategies. It reiterated and reinvigorated my understanding of leadership and concepts and provided great insights. I’ve often struggled with presenting to large groups, but after this course, I’ve done this 3 times due to the skills and confidence this program provided.”

    – Sue Hunter, City of Gold Coast

    If you have the opportunity to participate in the CMC, do it! You will learn more about your personal leadership style and how your team views you, and you will also be provided with the resources to understand how to adapt your style to be most effective in a range of situations.  You will discuss common workplace issues and workshop a variety of solutions. Guest speakers discuss their own leadership journeys in frank and open conversations. Best of all, you will have a new network of people who will be there for you and who may even become lifelong friends.

    – Sharon Ck

    “The confidence and support this program has given me has changed my life.” 

    – Manager APS (Mentor Circle) 

    “I cannot begin to express my gratitude and acknowledgement of our facilitators for their outstanding dedication, generosity and energy. On behalf of those whose lives you have touched, thank you.” 

    – Associate Professor, University of Sydney