Empowering women to thrive in
leadership roles across the
private and public sectors

The Orijen Group Public Program Collaborative Mentoring Circles

Registrations now open to join the Collaborative Mentoring Circles leadership program for women.

Our Collaborative Mentoring Circles now accessible to all women. Find out about this exciting public program now.

Through our award-winning mentoring, coaching and sponsorship programs, we support women to accelerate their career and lead with confidence.

Achieving diverse and inclusive workplaces, together

We strive to address the broad spectrum of women’s issues, recognising that barriers to gender equality vary according to aspects of a woman’s identity including age, race, ethnicity, class and religion.

Our approach is underpinned by research and analysis into intersectionality, recognising that different identity categories can intersect and co-exist in the same individual in a way that creates a qualitatively different experience when compared to any of the individual characteristics involved.

We partner with government and enterprise organisations to provide evidence-based coaching, mentoring and sponsorship programs built around adult learning principles and scientific methods.

The business benefits of equality

It is widely recognised that women in executive roles will increase ROI and positively impact culture.

Greater productivity 
Increased reputation as an employer of choice
Greater profitability

“Participants developed a more global perspective in their roles, more focussed career aspirations and greater confidence in giving advice and operating with senior staff in other divisions and other agencies.”

– Graham Fry, Former CIO, Department of Finance.

Plugging the leaking leadership pipeline

We’re proud of our 20-year proven-track record of building authentic connections through our evidence-based programs

Sponsors, mentors, and coaches can all make a difference to how individuals advance through organizations but there are key differences between each.


Providing specific guidance and information to build confidence and drive behavioural change.


Facilitating women’s career advancement through the provision of either internal or external mentors.


Advancing the careers of executive women through one-on-one relationships with senior leaders who act as personal advocates.


Helping women navigate a path to leadership in traditionally male industries.

“I have personally seen graduates of the Orijen program transition into the SES and senior private sector roles. The government gets the benefit of their development into modern, confident and empowered employees.”

Chief Information Officer, Australian Government Agency, Canberra

Positively impacting the business outcomes and women’s career aspirations in these leading organisations:

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