We’re pleased to announce that our CEO Jenny Morris will be presenting a session at the Women in ICT Leadership Summit 2015.




Titled “Understanding and overcoming women’s unconscious bias and barriers to progress”, Jenny will be presenting a custom session to executives and managers in a range of roles across the business sector.

Women’s own unconscious bias is often the ‘elephant in the room’ when discussing the barriers to women’s career aspirations. This bias can negatively impact very capable women’s access to and acquisition of senior level roles, regardless of the interventions being taken by organisations to improve gender diversity or leadership capability. In this session, Jennifer will discuss unconscious bias, highlighting how it is a barrier to women attaining senior level leadership roles. Explore:

  • What are women’s conscious and unconscious competencies and incompetencies?
  • How women can succeed in senior roles while maintaining their personal integrity and authenticity
  • The importance of changing thinking in order to change behaviour