Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM)

The WITEM program is an initiative of Dell. It builds cross-organisational mentoring partnerships between CEOs, CIOs and women working in the IT industry who have been identified as capable of taking the next step into executive ranks. 24 programs have been launched nationally, and in the Australian Public Service. In recognition of its impact on women in ICT, WITEM won the “Most Outstanding Initiative/Result for the Advancement of Women” at the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA) Awards.

The Hon Julie Bishop at Dell Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM)

The Hon Julie Bishop

Dell Managing Director Angela Fox, Orijen’s Jenny Morris and former MD Dell and WITEM founder, Joe Kremer

Dell Managing Director Angela Fox, Orijen’s Jenny Morris and former MD Dell and WITEM founder, Joe Kremer

Dell WITEM Coaching Circles

Since the program launched in 2012, over 600 women in ICT have participated in the program.  The program is interactive and collegiate and aims to enhance career management, increase skills, develop resilience and build strong, supportive networks for women in the APS. The facilitated circles meet monthly and include experiential leadership modules, group coaching and peer mentoring.

Executive Women’s Business Future Leaders Program

The Executive Women’s Business Future Leaders Program is a talent retention program that enables organisations to build a strong and sustainable pipeline of female executive talent. The program provides women with direct access to a powerful network of key decision makers as well as current and future women leaders, with the aim of increasing the number of women at senior levels of business and government.

It starts by bringing together intelligent, like-minded women who face similar challenges and who have a common goal: to reach their full potential. Participants join a confidential space, a Success Circle, led by a chairwoman who has triumphed in a male-dominated environment and understands how to ‘work in the system’ without compromising integrity.

Limited to ten members, over a 12-month period, Success Circles meet monthly for three hour sessions. These meetings feature frank and fearless advice on business-critical issues and building sustainable and meaningful networks with current and future female leaders.

Constructive Mentoring for Women in Building & Construction

Peak industry groups Master Builders Association of NSW, the Australian Institute of Architects (NSW Chapter) and the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) NSW Chapter united to instigate a national women’s mentoring program for the Building, Construction and Design Industry. The initiative was funded through AusIndustry’s Building Entrepreneurship in Small Business scheme.

Orijen was selected as the provider, in recognition of our proven  record in providing successful mentoring programs for women. Using groundbreaking and industry-specific online matching tools, more than 150 mentoring pairs across the country were formed and developed strong mentoring partnerships.

Non-Profit Australia Executive Mentoring

Orijen developed the Non-Profit Australia’s Executive Mentoring Service to enable non-profit leaders and senior executives to access executive mentoring. The service was designed to support non- profit organisations by providing their executives with a mentor with extensive experience in business. Orijen sourced, selected and matched the non-profit leaders with some of Australia’s top executives and Executive Directors who openly shared their knowledge and experience over a period of 12 months. Read more.

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    The space you’ve created for us has been remarkable; challenging, mindful, contemplative, always supportive. You’ve been so generous with your wisdom, but also known exactly when to hold it back so we could find our own. I’m in awe of your career and grateful for the gifts you give women in every aspect of it. You’ve opened my eyes to the power of women’s sharing circles. They’re something I’ll seek out forever more. You’ve demonstrated a truly feminine form of leadership that is conscious, empathetic and astute. It’s a form of leadership I hope to be able to model into the future.

    I was already a rampant feminist but you’ve firmed my resolve to always create safe supportive spaces for women.
    – Coaching Circle mentee

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