Mentoring programs for a
diverse and inclusive


Mentoring programs for a diverse and inclusive workplace.

It is widely acknowledged that having a mentor is important for both career progression, especially for women, as well as for retaining a pipeline of talent able to transition into leadership roles.

By providing programs that are both structured and measurable, we ensure that those who start in a program actually complete it successfully.  Our process matches mentors with mentees based on the needs of the mentee,  and both mentors and mentees are briefed to fully understand the roles, expectations and accountabilities.

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The One-on-one Mentoring Program

Virtual and face-to-face options available.

The program: 

High potential women are identified for the mentoring program and paired with appropriate senior managers from within the organisation or externally from Orijen’s pool of executive mentors.

Duration: 6-12 months. Ongoing milestones, checkpoints and evaluations are provided to ensure both the individuals and the relationships are supported throughout.

Who benefits from 1-1 mentoring? 

Women who are seeking:

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Targeted personal and professional development from a senior leader

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Support in navigating and managing their career

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The wisdom of those who have walked the pathways before them

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Increased competencies, capabilities and confidence

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New perspectives, skills, ideas and insights

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Expanded networks

Our One-on-one Mentoring Clients

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring Programs
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What our participants and clients say

“I can sum up the benefits of the program for me in two words – increased confidence.   Confidence in my approach to issues; confidence in my intuition; confidence in my decision-making ability and in expanding my network. Having my mentor as a sounding board has been invaluable in boosting my confidence”.

– Mentee

“I am now contributing to the organisation at Director level, as a result of promotion that happened during the time I was on this program.  I’m more confident in my contributions and able to review my work from multiple angles”.

– Mentee

“The preparation provided by Orijen was specific and well-adapted to the needs of the target sector. The mentoring participants were prepared with an understanding of the time pressures of the role and were well matched to my leadership style and personality. I found Orijen to be supportive but unobtrusive, which was perfect for my needs”.

– Graham Fry CIO mentor

Group Mentoring Circles

We designed the Mentoring Circles to build the confidence and competence of women and to enable them to create sustainable networks with both peers and current and future leaders.  Their structure enables intimate conversations between women of diverse age, race, religion, LGBTQI and cultural backgrounds in a safe environment and subsequently supports the integration of diverse populations of women more thoroughly into organisations.

Our Circles facilitate deep connection and learning in a safe and supportive environment, using peer mentorship as a tool to reach goals, overcome challenges, and encourage one another to succeed.

The program: 

A wide range of development topics are presented, to create stimulating and challenging content. Mixed academic and professional cohort-based skills and career planning workshops.

Duration: Usually 10 sessions over 12 months.

Who benefits from group mentoring: 

Our mentoring circle programs are designed for women who may work in male-dominated workplaces or teams and who seek to:

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Proactively manage their career

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Join a group of women to increase their network

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Explore strategies to address real work and life challenges

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Share challenges and learn from other women in a safe space

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Create a community of peer mentors that continues after the program had finished

Our Group Mentoring Clients Include

What our participants and clients say:

“The lessons I have learnt about myself have been invaluable. But the most important thing has been the ability to build up my network of women. I have a tribe of women I can go to for support. Lianne was the best facilitator we could have asked for. Her calm guidance was gentle when required, but strong when our personalities started to overtake the room.
I was surprised at how open and willing to share the group was from the start and I feel it was Lianne’s skills at facilitating this group that allowed that to happen.”

– Participant Women in Defence Mentoring Circle

“The diversity of what we have studied and discussed has impacted not just my work life but home as well. We discussed how to improve ourselves and how to assist in improving those around us.
The small group has created a strong network which has already provided benefits just by having these relationships with each other and the variety of areas we represent.
To be able to solidify the training by revisiting it each month and then delving deeper has been of huge benefit.”

– Participant WITEM Mentoring Circles

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