Supporting women
to think bigger
and bolder

Although women still remain under-represented at the top, organisations that meet their diversity regulatory requirements and are ahead of the equality curve see a huge positive impact on their performance.

Research shows that more women in leadership positions leads to:

The Orijen Group business

For Businesses

Greater productivity, and greater profitability
Increased employer branding and reputation as an employer of choice
Attracting younger women to the organisation and retaining the talent
The Orijen Group the economy

For the economy

6% increase in women in the workforce would increase Australia’s GDP by approximately $25 billion
Capitalising on educational investment
Reducing the gender gap on income and superannuation

Our mentoring, coaching and training programs are right for your organisation:

If you are concerned that in today’s disrupted and uncertain workforce, improving the experience of women, as well as mental health and wellbeing, are critical talent issues.

Then you’ll like that our programs are specifically designed by psychologists, to cultivate and nurture a strong sense of connection at work.

If you want to build a pipeline of talented women, equipped for leadership at all levels of management, from mid-career through to executive leadership.

Then you’ll like that women who complete our programs before they hit the glass ceiling, are much better equipped to recognise and act when they see the barriers arising later in their career.

If you’ve tried other diversity programs and not seen the ROI.

Then you’ll like that our programs are:

  • Evidence-based and structured, with clearly set objectives

  • Accountable, with milestones, checkpoints and ongoing evaluation

  • Bespoke to your needs, not one-size-fits-all

If you struggle to get management buy-in.

Then you’ll like that we work with you to prepare the business case, with real results and KPI’s

If you don’t have the in-house resource to manage the program.

Then you’ll like that you can outsource all the administration and we’ll coordinate a bespoke program based on your goals and objectives. 

If you want to know more about our programs, book a call today.