Call it out ……early!

Having had the privilege to meet and talk with two outstanding women leaders Julia Gillard and Sara Hansen-Young, I’m struck by their strength and grace. Both women have been at the receiving end of public abuse and humiliation, yet continue to stand up for their values and commitment to supporting women and girls in their journeys into leadership.

A cogent message that emerged for all of us is to call out abuse and harassment early… when it first rears its ugly head. As Julia Gillard said, when it first happened, she thought if she ignored it, it would go away. Similarly with Sarah Hansen-Young. Yet it doesn’t go away, and the perpetrators become more emboldened.

We, all men and women, must call out bad behaviour, whether as a victim of it or as a bystander. We cannot stand back and let it become the norm.

Thanks to Julia and Sarah for showing us how to shine as a successful women leader without sacrificing your integrity