Over the past 2 decades, I’ve observed the real power of women coming together to grow themselves and their generosity in supporting other women in their quest for personal and professional growth. I’ve seen women help each other find their unique voice as leaders, support each other to drive change within their workplaces, and build a more inclusive culture. These changes spread via a ripple effect.

I am deeply committed to the fact that women, individually and collectively, have immense untapped potential and that without women’s full participation as leaders, decision-makers, and thought shapers – our workplaces and society are worse off.

As with our coaching and mentoring circles, this new program, Collaborative Mentoring Circles, is a hybrid between a women’s circle and a comprehensive leadership development program. The 8-month journey includes individual 1:1 coaching with an Orijen coach, peer-to-peer coaching between participants and additional experiential coursework for further exploration and personal growth.

One woman described her Mentoring Circles journey as follows:

“I have talked every chance I get about this course. I have done many courses within my 25 years of working, and this one is right up there. I hope this becomes available so others can benefit, as it is unfortunate that leaders don’t seem to have the time to develop those under them, and there are genuine people out there who want to improve and do better. They just need guidance.

The facilitator was amazing, well-educated with experience, and willing to share, listen and teach. I have said to colleagues if you get to do any training with her, definitely don’t pass it up.

I have enjoyed the range of topics covered, which has increased my confidence in the workplace. I have found the concept of different personality types and understanding how different personalities in the workplace can impact a team’s functioning. I have enjoyed reflecting on my current workplace, the challenges I am experiencing, and how I can manage/mitigate these.

The diversity that the circle brought to the table was invaluable. In addition, we all learned from being exposed to each person’s different points in their journey. It’s not an easy road to travel but supporting each other where you can, without judgement, is so much better. I appreciated the frank and open discussions, the ability to share without judgement and the genuine interest and input provided on certain topics.

And most of all, our facilitator’s wealth of experience and knowledge not tainted by my work environment was invaluable”.

Another woman described her Mentoring Circles journey as:

“Over the 12 months of the mentoring circle, I gained confidence within myself. I was becoming a stronger woman at home as a mum and wife, and I am finding my place. I started to take myself seriously for the first time. I am worthy of the work and effort if I am willing to do it. This program has allowed me to see the value in myself. I started to show up at work with more confidence and was empowered to share my knowledge and learn from others.

I got the courage to ask to be part of numerous projects within the branch to gain practical knowledge and influence people from a non-technical perspective. I have reached out to people to build relationships and put myself in places that make me uncomfortable. I have been open and honest about some of my weaknesses and asked for what I needed from others to complete tasks.

This program gave me the tools and the confidence to reflect on myself and how I can develop, grow, and contribute without losing my sense of self. I have learnt that I am unique, and not everyone appreciates that, but I relish that I am different. I have learnt that I need to feel fulfilled at work; I want to help people and make deep connections. I want to make a difference and influence others through mentorships and kindness. I have also made a stronger connection to myself and my inner knowing and intuition. For so long, I have tried to squeeze myself into places where I do not fit, but I now know I do not want to fit. By being me, I can fulfil my destiny.”

It’s time for you to take control of your growth and career. Join our new program, Collaborative Mentoring Circles.