One of Orijen’s industry-based mentoring programs is the award-winning Women in IT Executive Mentoring (WITEM), which builds cross-organisational mentoring partnerships between CEOs, CIOs and women working in the IT industry who have been identified as capable of taking the next step into executive ranks.

It’s an interactive and collegiate program that aims to enhance career management, increase skills, develop resilience and build strong, supportive networks for women working in IT.

One recent program graduate says:

Thank you Jenny.

I just wanted to say to you and Glenda how precious my WITEM time has been.

In a crazy world of change and pain (which continues) attending the coaching circles has been a balm to my hurting soul.

A place of calm and rest. A place I felt welcome and valued (something I don’t get from work at the moment). To meet with such talented generous warm and caring women (that includes you both as well the other women in the group) and to be able to share the journey has been a Godsend.

I have learned so much which has enabled me to grow in understanding of myself and to be able to act more effectively and authentically. I think I am starting to make choices and to try and make things happen that I want rather than just go with the flow and let things happen.

You have made a difference in my life and the ripples of this time with you will travel out to who knows where.

Thank you both.

To see how you could benefit from participating in an Orijen mentoring program, please contact us to find out more.