Orijen sends our congratulations to our associates at Women for Election Ireland, who have just been through their first Local, European Elections and National By-Elections. The success of their training and mentoring programs is evident in the results of these elections.

For Local Government elections:

  1. Out of a total of 949 Local Government seats, 194 women were elected which represents a 33% increase since the 2009 elections.
  2. Female representation in Local Government is now 21%, up from 16% in 2009.
  3. 50% of those women elected, have participated in training and mentoring programs run by Women for Election Ireland.

For the European Parliament elections:

  1. For the first time ever, there are more Irish women than Irish men represented in the European Parliament. 6 of the 11 Irish Members are women.
  2. Two of the three newly elected female MPs have participated in training and mentoring programs run by Women for Election Ireland.

For the National elections:

  1. Ireland now have 27 female representatives out of a total of 166 representatives. This is 16% representation, the highest ever in Irish history.

Since its launch in 2012, 600 women from Ireland and other European Union states have participated in a Women for Election training program. The results of this training are self-evident – the face of Irish politics is changing substantially and its thanks to the initiatives and strategies of Women for Election.

Women for Election is involved at all stages of the political process – from pre-election training to post-election networking. After the Irish elections in May, Women for Election Ireland ran their “Post Election Councillor Training”, bringing together over fifty newly elected female councillors for a day long program of building knowledge, developing negotiation skills and strategies, and creating networks of key policy makers and senior politicians and supporters.

Congratulations again, Women for Election Ireland, on the success of your training programs for women in politics!

Planning for Women for Election Australia is now underway, spearheaded by the efforts of Jenny Morris, CEO of Orijen Pty Ltd.

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