52 Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling, written by Orijen CEO Jenny Morris and psychologist Glenda May, has been reviewed and recommended by Emma Williams in the March 2014 issue of Management Today, the monthly magazine of the Australian Institute of Management.


Published by the most respected management organisation in Australia, Management Today is Australia’s only management magazine that uniquely targets Australia’s key decision-makers, CEOs, managers and those aspiring to management and leadership.
The review says:

“In this pocket sized gem, you’ll find the 52 rules every career woman should live her life by.”

“The tips and tools provided in this book will guide you as you break through the barrier and force you to assess your own unconscious sabotaging of your career, which may be causing the ‘sticky floor’”.

“It is short, simple and to the point – perfect to flick through on days when you need a reminder to trust in your own ability”.

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