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52 Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling By Glenda May and Jenny Morris

Jenny Morris, CEO of Orijen, and Glenda May, psychologist and career coach, have worked together to bring you “52 Ways to Break Through the Glass Ceiling”, a guide to help you overcome the structural biases and self-defeating attitudes, to take control of your career, be courageous and trust your innate strengths as a woman leader.

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“A great gift for my adult daughters who face the challenges addressed here. Serves as a reminder and confidence booster for any women aspiring to have a successful career in management.”
– Norman Hams, Amazon review
“I love what’s in it and all the quotes. It was very interesting for me to read. I’ve always enjoyed reading history, philosophy and psychology and a while ago I compiled and implemented in my life a list of thoughts/quotes/concepts etc just for my own purposes on ‘how to be happy’. It brought a big smile to my face to see many similar thoughts and quotes throughout your book, especially starting with the first one: ‘to thine own self be true’ or ‘Know Thyself’, which interestingly enough was also my first one!”
– Reader
“It is a good, sharp, snappy read providing lots of good tips and guidance for those struggling to break through the dreaded glass ceiling.”
– Reader