Everyone’s been buzzing for the past few days about Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s interview and cover shoot with Vogue. As Charlotte Alter of Time Magazine says, “The problem isn’t a tech titan posing like a supermodel. The problem is a powerful woman being unwilling to own up to her ambition”.

“Her colleagues are quick to point out her work ethic and her unique talents for her job, and they effusively describe her many contributions—which amount to a “transformation” of Yahoo. But the piece has barely a peep from Mayer herself about her ambitions, her drive, or the things that motivated her to the top.”

“And her reticence is irksome. She is one of only 21 female CEOs in the Fortune 500. Doesn’t she owe it to us to tell us how she got there? Sheryl Sandberg’s whole Lean In organization is focused on owning up to ambition, speaking out, helping women share their stories so that a younger generation can learn from them. Shouldn’t Marissa Mayer pay it forward, too? She doesn’t need to start her own movement, but in a profile in a major magazine, it would be nice to get a little insight.”

What do you think about Marissa Mayer’s profile in Vogue?