Zoe Smith is a great example of a female working in the IT sector who is taking charge of her career, putting her hand up, and actively moving into an executive position.

She has been working in the public service in IT for nearly 25 years, taking every opportunity to complete further qualifications in her field (Microsoft/Novell) with the support of her employer. She has also actively worked on qualifications to help her develop as a leader in her organisation, including completing an Advanced Diploma in Business Management.

Zoe says though that less tangible factors have also played an important part in helping her develop her career. These include the willingness to take the lead on high profile projects, the ability to engage with key stakeholders and establish relationships based on trust, and the confidence to express her interest to senior executives in developing her career further.

Self-confidence, self-promotion and internal lobbying are just some of the qualities that Orijen’s proprietary Q Game model encourage women to embrace in order to progress further in their careers.

After participating in Orijen’s coaching program, Zoe says “Being surrounded by likeminded women who want to grow, improve and share experiences is absolutely invaluable. Having that support and the opportunity to share experiences is so beneficial, and it’s amazing how many other women are feeling the same way you do!”

“The program was professionally run, structured yet flexible when required. Jenny created a space of trust which allowed the group to express concerns, talk about issues and provide suggestions for change.  As a result of new confidence and understanding my strengths and abilities both professional and personal, I have been able to pursue and attain goals I normally would not seek.”

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