The Orijen Group Testimonials

“It’s so rare to be able to talk to other woman at the same level in organisations. It’s truly a valuable proposition for someone who feels like they have always been the ‘only woman in the room’. I feel like I have been blessed with an instant network that is there to encourage and help me, as much as I will help and encourage them in every way that I can… My organisation is getting a much more well-rounded leader (no training course can teach the experience that’s in our monthly sessions!).”
– EWB Success Circle
“As a mentor I really enjoy meeting other women in the industry and connecting with them. Professionally it challenges my management and leadership skills as I need to step back and work with each individual mentee to allow them to work through situations to find solutions, yet also be a conduit for information and source of options, ideas and strategies. In this way I feel my own personal development occurring and I get such a joy when I see my involvement is making a difference for my mentee.”
– Women in Construction
“Working with Jenny as my mentor over the past 12 months has been a “career enhancing” experience for me. Upon reflection, we met at exactly the right time in my life and having regular coaching sessions meant that all the challenges I faced, both professionally and personally, were managed with a clearer mind and met with a level of energy and excitement that came from her guidance.
Her experience in organisational behaviour, coaching and consulting were invaluable. She has a great ability to actively listen and provide necessary feedback for you to reflect and act upon where appropriate. She provided a balance between theoretical and practical scenarios which were great to work through in role playing. Above all, she was a fantastic sounding board which you need more and more as you progress through your life/career journey.
Investing in professional mentoring and coaching was a concept I had thought about for many years and my only regret is that I didn’t meet Jenny earlier! An eternal thanks….”
– Coachee
“I have known and worked with Jenny Morris for a number of years and worked more closely with her in setting up a mentoring program for the New Zealand business. I have always found Jenny to be a great person to work with. Her personable nature, expertise in developing, driving and getting great results from mentoring programs over many years were wonderful. I would happily endorse Jenny for other organisations wanting to develop these programs and support a formal mentoring program in their business.”
– HR Manager
“Without doubt the mentor program positively influenced me in my negotiation skills and helping me have confidence in identifying my true value to the organization. At the beginning of the program, in many ways I couldn’t see the wood for the trees because I was very immersed in a challenging environment and just too busy simply DOING. Subsequently things are much clearer as a result and I feel better equipped to maintain this view. My confidence grew as I felt I was getting the support I needed to carry out my work.
The program helped me in my transition from previously being a program ‘expert’ to a ‘generalist’ and negotiating the differences between being responsible for the operations of the program to guiding the leader of the program.”
–  Non-Profit Australia Mentoring Program, Senior Executive
“I am a more focussed and strategic leader. I believe this program has helped me improve my management style, therefore getting better results from myself and my leading of the team.”
– Defence Mentoring Circle
“This was the best program I have been on in a long time – I have developed my capability tangibly because of this program.”
– Defence Mentoring Circle
“It’s great to be able to learn from so many women in a position of leadership – this is something that I don’t get exposed to in my current position as I report to men. I was starting to feel quite jaded in my current role due to this lack of female role models, however I have found my experiences in WITEM have given me new inspiration.”
– Coaching Circle
“Thank you to Glenda May for her facilitation of the program. She is a very insightful and caring individual – thank you Glenda!”
– WITEM Coaching Circle
“An excellent program – I would highly recommend it.”
– Defence Mentoring Circle
“The Program has provided a group of strangers (women) with a network in Defence that they can turn to for advice and support. It has empowered each of us to take more control of our careers and personal lives.”
– Defence Mentoring Circle
After having met, collaborated and engaged with different women in Defence, I realised that Defence has a very strong pool of smart, intelligent and under-utilised women who are seeking to be recognised.
– Defence Mentoring Circle