Our signature programs

At the Orijen Group, we specialise in the design and delivery of structured coaching and mentoring programs. Our track record for excellence is based on our collaborative approach, careful needs analysis, diligent management and considered aftercare.

Individual  Mentoring programs

Our programs include the award winning Women in IT Executive Mentoring which began in 2007 and continues to grow the leadership capabilities of women in the Australian Public Service, matching them with CIO’s across 30 government agencies and departments.

Our clients include BNP Paribas, Macquarie Group, Penrith City Council, Leighton Constructions, NRL, Dell Computers, Hewlett Packard, University of Sydney, Penrith City Council

Individual Executive Coaching

Orijen offers professional one-on-one coaching for both your current and your aspiring leaders. With a focus is on executive, leadership, and talent coaching, our coaches help develop self-understanding, build leadership skills, develop flexible communication techniques and build personal presence. Our coaches include former CEO’s, chairs of boards and senior executives, both male and female.

Our one-on-one coaching programs begin with a diagnostic assessment of leadership competencies and capabilities. Our diagnostic methodologies include a combination of confidential interviews with the coachee and key stakeholders, 360-degree feedback to identify competency gaps and personality assessments that provide insights into the factors that underpin behaviour.

Clients include University of Sydney, University of NSW, BNP Paribas, Westpac, Commonwealth Banking Corporation, Department of Finance, Department of Defence

Group Leadership circles

Coaching and mentoring circles provide safe and confidential spaces for women to learn & grow. Of particular benefit to women who work in male dominated workplaces, they create a momentum for action and learning well beyond the formal boundaries of more traditional development initiatives.

Circles empower women through the delivery of both theory and practice:

    1. Current leadership, resilience and career management theory
    2. The opportunity to share, discuss and learn from each other under the guidance of the professional coach facilitator.

During the meetings, each participant has her own ‘airtime’ to present real time issues or challenges and to receive coaching suggestions from the rest of the group. 

Clients include The University of Sydney, Department of Defence, Department of Home Affairs, Commonwealth Banking Corporation, Department of Defence Science and Technology as well as women in IT from across 30 government agencies and departments

Training Programs

We run a number of training programs that respond to the challenges faced by women on their leadership journey. We actively encourage interaction, allowing attendees to connect deeply and purposefully and building a culture of women supporting women.

Based on our extensive research and experience working with many talented women, we have developed a suite of professional development programs that focus on building effective personal leadership capabilities that help lead to career advancement and life fulfillment.


We work with organisations to help identify the systemic changes required to build diversity and to optimise the performance of employees from differing backgrounds. We do this through a range of consulting services and tailored programs.

  • STEM Diversity diagnostics
  • Sage Bronze awards
  • Diversity strategy and policy
  • Diversity awareness sessions for managers and employees
  • Training needs analysis
  • Training interventions



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Non-Profit Australia Executive Mentoring

Orijen developed the Non-Profit Australia’s Executive Mentoring Service to enable non-profit leaders and senior executives to access executive mentoring. The service was designed to support non- profit organisations by providing their executives with a mentor with extensive experience in business. Orijen sourced, selected and matched the non-profit leaders with some of Australia’s top executives and Executive Directors who openly shared their knowledge and experience over a period of 12 months.

Sponsorship Programs

Sydney University Vice Chancellors Sponsorship Program for Cultural and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Women.

Orijen designed and delivered the University-wide program to support CALD female staff who possess the potential to move into senior executive roles at the University of Sydney – from both academic and professional positions.

The program aimed to foster sponsorship relationships between high potential CALD female staff, senior advocates and the University’s Senior Executive Group with the primary objectives being to accelerate CALD female staff careers and bolster leadership success at the University.

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    “Jenny Morris provided support and guidance to me and others as part of an innovative mentoring programme for CEOs. She has deep understanding of the issues involved and complements this with excellent people/listening skills, giving support in a non-intrusive way. She also provides an excellent structure and process to her work. Jenny’s personal style and her well designed approach are second to none.”
    – Non Profit Australia mentor

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